The Itinerary


Our travel plans may change, and there will be down time spent at home in Denver during the first six months between road trips, but this is our abbreviated itinerary (for now).

The driving forces behind our destinations and durations?

  1. Spending time in nature
  2. Spending time with each other
  3. Spending time with family and friends
  4. Time to really immerse ourselves in the culture or the environment

May:  We figure we better hit Utah before it gets too hot, so we’ll be spending a week in Southern Utah hopping from Arches and Canyonlands to Zion and Bryce Canyon. We will follow that up with a trip to Mount Princeton with my in-laws for a few days!  Hot springs here we come!

Update: We missed Canyonlands, but loved Zion, so we plan to go back to Utah for round two sometime this summer (maybe August?)! Also, we were so close to Vegas that we added it on to the end of the trip!

June:  First off, a trip to Texas for a family cruise to Mexico in celebration of my nephew’s high school graduation!  We also plan to float the Guadalupe River while we are there. Followed by southwestern Colorado and the Four Corners (Great Sand Dunes, Durango, Ouray, Telluride, Mesa Verde) with my other set of in-laws.

July:  Yellowstone (WY), Glacier National Park (MT), the Badlands National Park (SD), and Lake McConaughy (NE) for some serious mother nature time and one monster road trip.

August:  August is pretty unstructured, but we’ll likely do some camping trips with friends and family around Colorado.

September: We’ll first be flying to L.A. to hang out with a good friend and get some city time. Then we’ll be fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine to take a cross-country Amtrak trip to the East Coast. Denver-Chicago-Staunton, VA (Blue Ridge Mountains)-PhiladelphiaNYCPoughkeepsieChicagoDenver. We have friends all along the way with whom we will stay, except in Virginia, where we’ll be celebrating our 10th Anniversary.

October:  Texas to spend some more time with family.

November through April:  Thailand (beaches, mountains, cities, all of the above!)

Check back often to see how our itinerary changes and for more detail on Thailand as that part of our journey takes shape.