What’s this blog all about?

On a cold Colorado night, just a few days after returning from an amazing beach vacation, my husband and I were already back to dreaming about WHAT IF.  What if we didn’t have to work. What if we could travel more.  What if we had more freedom to do whatever we wanted to do without feeling guilty or afraid?

Then I looked at him, and said, WHY NOT?  Why shouldn’t we travel more?  Why shouldn’t we use the money we have accumulated through smart saving for retirement to enjoy an adventure and relaxation right now? Why don’t we take some time off work (work that we both really love by the way) and really LIVE?

And that’s what we are doing. That night we planted a seed and it has grown into a plan, and now we are living the dream. We found a year for freedom, for exploration, for letting go of our fears and of our hum drum every day life.  This is our story of the year we spent planning and the year we found as a result.

In this blog, I hope to not only chronicle our “found year” and how we got to it, but I also hope to challenge others to think critically about what is possible in their own lives.

What if you did everything you wanted to do but were afraid to try?

What if you had the time to do those things without feeling like you were sacrificing something else?

What if every single day was wide open and there was no risk of failure because there were no preconceived notions of success?

What if you could really live every moment just for the experience of it instead of for what it would bring you in the next moment?

In my journey, you will read about fears, hopes, love, travel, family, connection, adventure, culture, health, growth, learning, relaxation, and fun.  I hope to do it with a sense of humor and complete honesty. And I hope you will find inspiration every day to learn to really live for a living too!


4 thoughts on “What’s this blog all about?

  1. i have followed your facebook posts with great excitement and am now getting around to getting here. That is nice because I get to slowly relive the year through your blog. like the second time you read a favorite book. The first time you race through to find out what happens at the end and the second time you can sit back and enjoy the ride (which was the real reason you were so interested in how it all turned out in the first place).

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    1. You are kind. I like to re-read the journey as well to be reminded of all the beauty we have seen. So easy to lose sight when you are in the midst of it every day. Glad you are enjoying it and following along!


  2. From your About page, I can see you are living the dream. Good for you. And great for all of us who are following your year! Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. It’s taken us a long time to get out and about, but we’re making up for lost time. Best wishes for always great travels. Rusha Sams


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