Sabbatical days 304-308: Bangkok Take 2

On the 304th day of our sabbatical (hard to believe we are closing in on the final weeks), we flew from Chiang Rai to Bangkok to meet up with our friend Zeph, who flew in from Denver to vacation with us for a few weeks.

We were both very excited to see a familiar face. Not to mention, he brought playing cards! Yay! We could play games! How we had managed to leave the US without any cards is beyond me considering how much we both love to play games. And in Thailand, because gambling is illegal, playing cards are expensive and difficult to come by. The cards are kept behind the counter with cigarettes and alcohol and cost more than a nice meal. Now you know.

Anyway, Zeph brought a fun game called FIVE CROWNS and we have been having a hoot playing it after a long day, or at the airport, or just sitting at a cafe hanging out.

It was great to be back in Bangkok for a few days. We had a chance to revisit some sites that we enjoyed the first time and to see some new things too. Below are the highlights.

Reclining Buddha and Grand Palace

Mural in one of the temples near the reclining Buddha My favorite hermit contortionist statues. Remind you of anyone you know? Just some days…

Grand Palace

Sky Bar

Views from Sky Bar on the 64th floor of State Tower. We were turned away for wearing shorts and flip flops and had to return the next night. Well worth it!

Floating Market

This floating Market was 50 km outside of Bangkok and worth the drive. They call it the Venice of Thailand for all the canals.

We stopped at a coconut sugar factory and got to have a taste. Yum!

We also stopped at a Wat on the canal and caught some performers rehearsing for a show in celebration of Makha Bucha Day, a holy day in Thailand.

The Golden Mount, Wat Saket

344 steps up a small mount in Bangkok to reach the Wat at the top.

Next stop: Ao Ng beach, Thailand

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