Thai food. A love story.

Spicey dicey, Thai food,

How you put me in the mood

To eat.

They say to know a country, you must embrace it’s cuisine.

Sometimes, though, it feels like you’re stabbing my spleen.

You had me.

From the moment I sucked down that first icy Thai tea.

Lovingly you fill my nose with desire and my stomach with misguided power.

Something savory, something sweet

Or why not sour?

Anything goes and at any hour.

Tom yum soup or a bright green curry?

Why not both? What’s the hurry?

Famous Pad Thai or chicken with cashews?

You tell me which I should choose.

Oh but, Thai food, you play hard to get.

Like so many loves we love to regret.

Rumbley. Grumbley. Tumbley .

Grimacing and gassy

I wonder what is happening to me.

You say nauseous

I say naus-e-ated

Doesn’t really matter

Just call me inflated.

But he and she and they look great

So what exactly is on my plate?

Should I give up or give the old college try?

Live to eat or eat to die?

Khao soi, sticky rice, noodles for days

Thailand, I will eat my way through you, eyes a-glaze.

Another day, another dish

One more bite and I just may get my wish

Losing ten more pounds

The hard way.

How to pass up a roadside skewer for just a dollar?

With some of that sweet and sour sauce I’d kill for…

Dip dip.

I always pay so much more than a buck

But do I really give a f@#*?


Finally, yes. Pass the fries and the Pepto. Keep the change.

At least we’ll always have mango sticky rice…

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