A few life lessons from Sabbatical II SE Asia

In the absence of a dog, I could love a cat. Or a chicken. Or an elephant. But definitely not a monkey.

My stomach isn’t as strong as I thought it was. 😦

Massaman curry, delicious but I have to be careful as I’ve gotten sick one too many times… Trent has fared better.

Motorbikes are the way to go. Even with luggage.

If you let every injustice in the world get to you, you will never find peace.

There’s not much daily blah that a good Thai iced tea can’t cure.

Whoever told me to pack a winter hat and gloves was just messing with me.

I miss my dogs as much as most other members of my family.

Trent and I are better together. No question.

Common language doesn’t matter if you have kindness and love in your heart.

Exception: when you are lost in the jungle on a motorbike, it matters!

Wheels are Freedom.

A good mattress matters more than a shower door.

Roaches suck no matter what country you are in, especially when you find them in your luggage.

Laughter can get you through most situations.

Baby jellyfish are called sea lice and they are EVERYWHERE and they hurt like hell!

The sun always comes out if you wait long enough. Until then there’s still Netflix and Kindle.

I would rather skip a meal and cut out alcohol in order to splurge on lodging.

I need a lot less stuff than I have. I can live comfortably with only what’s in my backpack: enough clothes for 10 days and two pairs of shoes.

Doing nothing is actually doing something important for yourself.

Sometimes the biggest ah-has in life are the most obvious:

You don’t have to travel further than your home and your family and your dogs to have everything you need to be happy. But sometimes you have to venture out to look in order to be reminded.

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