Miss Saigon, a poem

I will Miss Saigon

Even though for only a moment

Were we here


Beat me

Screamed at me

Pushed me down until I was

Looking up at myself crying

But Saigon, you brought me sun

And love again

Beautiful Halong Bay

took me away

Adrift on a quiet sea

Where I wondered

Where was ME?

But Saigon, you know me.

You feel me in your

Skyscrapers and river breezes

I am home, if only for a day

That’s all I need

Hoi An

You were my friend


Your sweetness and charm comforted me

But, Saigon, you are my love

Cai Be

Tested me and my skin crawled

With the little buggers all day long

And the nights…worse

Was that net on my bed to keep things out or in?

But, oh, Saigon, you welcomed me home

And helped me find myself


In your structured chaos and muggy sun

Telling me

You survived Vietnam.

Welcome home

Miss Saigon.

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