Sabbatical Days 96-123: August in pictures

After our nearly month-long camping/road trip in July, August was all about adventure and relaxation closer to home.

But not that close to home because we were itching to be out and about again, so we packed a lot into those four weeks!

Camping at Guanella Pass in Colorado

Camping at Guanella Pass, a few hours from home (no outside pictures because it was cool and rainy almost the whole time). We mostly snuggled the dogs and read or played games.

Visit by Texas Family*photo credits to my bro-in-law, David Wisdom

Me and my niece, Claire, hiding out from the rain on Wild Basin Trail in CO

Claire giving her best “say cheese” next to a big red Smurf mushroom

Claire running towards Uncle Trent on Maxwell Falls trail

David, Claire and Uncle Trent on Maxwell Falls trail

David and Claire at Ubergrippen in Stapleton -Denver, CO)

Me, Claire and Molly at Central Park, Stapleton-Denver, CO

Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race

Before the race

After the race (a thunderstorm rolled in at the very end, so I didn’t get to slide down that awesome slide behind us due to lightning). I guess I’ll have to do it again next year! I did attempt all the other obstacles, however, and completed all but three!

Trent and Dad do Vegas

Mo’ money for sabbatical! Thank you, Texas Hold ‘Em! Nuff said.

Total Solar Eclipse

Wheatland, Wyoming (90 minutes from Denver) in the path of totality – we got a last minute camp site for $100 on some private land. It was perfect for us and some friends!

Rick and son Declan

The best eclipse viewing bunch you could ask for: me, Trent, Jason, Sierra, Declan, Rick

As seen through solar glasses at nearly 100 percent eclipse

Trent with glasses removed at totality, jumping for joy. It was one of the most incredible things we have ever witnessed. Next time I’ll learn how to capture it on camera.

Series of photos showing the 360 degree sunset. So amazing! Photos can’t do it justice and I was too busy being mesmerized by the hole in the sky to care.

Camping in the Great Sand Dunes National Park

Sunset from our camp site, view of the dunes, the highest in North America

Playing in Medano Creek at the base of the dunes

Trent scaled the dunes while I stayed at camp with the pups. The sand gets too hot for doggy paws!

Zapata Falls, a short hike near the dunes

Ninja Gym

Trent rounded out the month with a visit to a ninja gym in Castle Rock, CO. I figured I’d had enough adventure for one month so I skipped it.

Next stop: Los Angeles for a little girlfriend time and a lot of mouthwatering sushi

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