Sabbatical Day 19: Hey, baby, let’s go to Vegas (and the Hoover Dam)!

On day 19 of my sabbatical (day 12 for Trent), we drove from Zion National Park in Utah to Las Vegas with the intent of renewing our vows. Our sabbatical happens to be taking place as we approach our 10 year wedding anniversary on September 22, 2017. 

Given Trent’s love of poker and my love of doing random weird things, renewing our vows in some weird Vegas ceremony seemed just about right. 

On the beautiful drive to Vegas (see beautiful pictures below),

I researched renewal ceremony options and found just the one that I wanted. Originally, I had thought alien wedding, or get married by a teletubby, but I found a package for a Zombie wedding!!!  I mean, come on!  So weird and awesome! Unfortunately the price tag was $750. Bummer. There was also a $69 drive through wedding, which we considered, but ultimately we decided to be cheap and just find a spot we loved and look at each other and renew our vows authentically in the moment. 

And that’s what we did right around 9pm on May 17 in a little atrium of the Wynn, all by ourselves. It was perfect, even if there were no moaning undead causing commotion from the wings. 

So, that was the highlight of Vegas, but we did also squeeze in a trip to Hoover Dam, which has been on our list for a while. I had no idea the dam straddled two states, Nevada and Arizona. #lifelonglearner

I can’t complete this post without sharing our story about our Vegas accommodations. We are living on the cheap, so we went the AirBnB route-$45 one room apartment just a mile off the strip. 

I read the reviews. I knew it would be in what some consider a rough neighborhood, and that there would be bars on the doors and windows. But I at least expected cleanliness. Let’s just say that I slept with a t-shirt between me and the pillow, and that our shoes stuck to the wood floor and the dogs wouldn’t stop licking the rug. Eeeeeewwwww! I found a rum punch soaked chewed up orange slice by the bed. I don’t know what was in the cabinets because I was too scared to look. 

And, no, I didn’t take pictures because I didn’t want to remember, but I will count this overnight trip as facing a fear. 

So, F for housing selection, but A for experience with my love!

4 thoughts on “Sabbatical Day 19: Hey, baby, let’s go to Vegas (and the Hoover Dam)!

  1. My Heart swells with love for each of you and for the two of you together. Personally, I’m in favor … totally … of your choice in how to renew your vows. I’m so old-fashioned, but this feels way too sacred to invite vampires!! 😲😨👿 You two are the best!!

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