Sabbatical Day 18: Meandering through Bryce Canyon

Today we drove north through Zion National Park to Bryce Canyon National Park, a 2.5 hour trek with amazing views the entire way. 

The puppies, who had spent the day and night in doggy day care so that we could get in the hike to Angels Landing, joined us for this driving adventure. 

It was a low-key day, which was spent mostly in the car with little breaks to take pictures and see the sights, just what we needed after yesterday’s killer hike. 

Red Canyon, a stunning bright red canyon half way between Zion and Bryce, worthy of a visit on its own merits:

Bryce Canyon, many of the rock formations reminded me of a creamy sundried tomato butter, but I might have just been hungry:

We also saw some cool wildlife along the way, including a herd of 30-40 buffalo. 

Pronghorn sheep (sadly we missed the picture)

A big black bird (no idea what kind but it seemed too big to be a raven, unless it’s one of Poe’s)

We also stopped for lunch at a little restaurant in Mt. Carmel, Utah, known for its “ho-made pies.” Of course I had a strawberry rhubarb, and of course Trent had apple, and they were delicious regardless of who made them. 

Actually, the story about Fern the original proprietor was pretty cool. She was an entrepreneur back when there weren’t so many women making it on their own that way. Her family still owns the businesses she started today. See her story below. Buried in there is the story of why the pies are “ho-made.”

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